Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Bit Of a Nightmare week

Well last week my computer was hacked, it would appear they had some of my passwords one of which was to my ebay account, the cheek!!!! Thankfully ebay managed to sort it all but then I found other things that had been fiddled with, grrrrrrr. Then yesterday I managed to get got by the speed camera. I was all flustered by a police car that came whizzing up behind me arrrgghh!!! So from last week to this week things have been a bit of a nightmare!

Whilst away over the weekend we went to Drago Mills a sort of discount superstore in Devon, I hate the place but as it was raining it seemed like a good idea, a good idea that about 6 thousand other people thought of lol. Had a good scout around and then found the craft department, much to my hubbys disapointment lol. I picked up some forever friends goodies and a xcut kit also the doocrafts goody bag all for a lot cheaper than anywhere else. There was so much I could have bought but decided I had to put back because the basket was getting rather full.

So with a bad few days there has been a sort of good day in between. I have managed to make a card and atc will post them up soon.

Oh and whilst I am here there are some fabulous papers over at Allissa Designs Cabin this lovely lady has started offering a freebie each friday and last fridays papers are gorgeous!!!!!!! There is a little button in my side bar that will take you straight to her blog, you have to check her blog out the cards she makes are gorgeous too!

Have a good week, will be back to post more later.

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