Thursday, 5 May 2011

Fabby finds

Afternoon all, I have been out and about today picking up bargains as I go, some of which I am going to show you now!  All you kath kidston fans Easy Living Magazine has a free Kath Kidston bag with it plus a Kath K magazine and a 15% of discount code!!!! 
I got mine today in tesco here is a picy

 Now lets just say the bag isnt huge but its kath kidstons so do we care NO, 
there are 2 types to choose from :)

next today is some fabby fabrics, arent they cute!!!
 And then a bag of ribbions and bits and bobs for 50p!
And finally a lovely cushion from Wilkinsons for £5.00 with removable cover which is handy!
I also picked up some small metal signs sayin live laugh love for under 4.00 and a gorgeous quilt for a double bed for 5.50 (its in the wash now)
So a rather productive day I think
Will be posting again in a little while with details and pictures of some things I receiceved in a sewing swap.


  1. I have the same cushion, isn't it good quality! I was very pleased with mine too! Thanks for the shout re the magazine, I will need to get to a newsagents with immediate effect! lol!!

  2. Lovely buys - the fabric is gorgeous, where was that from Lisa?? I looked in Fabricland yesterday but nothing like that in there!!! Thanks for the heads up about the mag with the bag!!!!

  3. I have that cushion too!!! I could not believe the price of it, bought it a few months ago and it looks brand spanking new. They now have them in a few other colours too. Very tempted to buy another of the same one though. Will deffo get myself a copy of that mag tomorrow before they all get snaffled up x

  4. Some great bargains there Dazie those fabrics are gorgeous and the cushion is fun. Will have to go look for that magazine tomorrow too

    Hugs Jackie x

  5. You couldn't have mentioned the magazine a bit sooner! Just got back from asda and didn't think to look at mags grrr. Just have to hope there's one left when I pop in on my way home from craft fair on saturday. Also need to visit wilkinsons as the cushion is lush.
    Thanks for the heads up
    Pene x

  6. Ahh!!! Thanks chum for the info on this mag will not say no to a C/K bag no matter what the size, love all your other yummy buys too, I treated myself to a new C/K bag and mugs will pop them on my blog over the weekend, you have a super weekend chum Lots Hugs
    Sarah x


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