Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Yesterdays Farm Trip

Yesterday was a bit of a sad day as you have already read so I thought today I would show you a couple of pics of the animals at the farm.

Here is a lovely piggy that loved a good scratch, he came over and stood by the fence as if to say, scratch me please, in a snorrty sort of way lol so I gave him a good scratch on his side and over he went like a dog wanting its tummy tickeld rofl. My son and his friend then proceeded to give him a scratch which he obviously loved as he was happily lead there snorting away rofl.
Then there was this litte cutie, a baby goat or kid if you prefer that term lol There were about 4 altogether that I could see chatting and playing on thier wooden bridge or lazing in the sun.

There were lots of other animals including alpaca's cows, sheep, birds including turkies that my son loved, he has a thing about birds and spent ages just watching the budgies and trying to pick up a chicken lol My favourite of the day was meeting the guinea piggy's and if I could have smuggled all of these little beuatys into by back pack with no one looking I would have!!! Sadly they were being kept on wood chip so they didnt have any grass to munch on so me, the kids and another mum picked them lots and what you can see in this pic is them going mad for it! Wheeking a popcorning away they were happy little piggeroos!

Hope you like the piccys!


  1. Hi Dazie. It made me laugh scratching the pigs belly, ahh, how cute.
    Glad you had a nice day.
    Love Sandra x

  2. Hello Dazie, I am so sorry to read about your guinea, we get so close to our pets and it is so so hard when something happen to them. We have an abundance of animals including guineas - I so love the way they talk to one another.

    But sounds like you had a good day yesterday, it's so nice to go to these places and see all the animals.

    B x

  3. just poped in see how you were doing nice pics
    liz xx

  4. awwh so cute I know your still sad inside but this was a great day out! and look at how much fun! I love piggies of all sizez lol so cute and cleaver!

    Thanx for stopping by as usual hun xx


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